Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitchen Maddness

Today was by far my favorite pick up from the CSA...I mean look at all that goodness and color!  I really want to use it all and not waste an ounce of it, so the Murdaugh's started cooking (after we ate dinner).
However, before I started cooking from my CSA I had already been in the kitchen for quite some time.  I made Whole Wheat Raspberry Ricotta SconesIced Coffee Concentrate and corned beef and cabbage for dinner.
Then, together, Jarrod and I made Peach SorbetFresh Salsa and preped some red sauce for me to cook in the crock pot all day tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a long day at work, I have to stay late to cook for about 70 VBS volunteers.  I want dinner practically ready when I walked in the door.
 Oh. Do you want to know what made this "cooking" day a whole lot easier?  Well, I'll tell you...my NEW Salad Master chopper.  Isn't it beautiful???  Thank you Yoders and Murrays for helping me obtain this magical piece.


Jasmine said...

YUM! This post is making me wish we'd skipped gardening and just joined a CSA.

Is that a kohlrabi on the left??

Becca Murdaugh said...

Yes, I think I've gotten like 50 kohlrabi this summer. I had no idea what to do with it so I've used it in soo many different things. I like them, they are interesting.