Monday, July 11, 2011

A weekend of celebration!

This past weekend was a little busy.  I didn't get to see Jarrod much but when I did see him we had a good time.  Oh, our nice camera bit the dust, so...I don't have any pictures from the weekend.  The one above is from my phone of sweet Zeda before church.

Here is the order of celebrations from the weekend.
1. Friday is when our 417 hit the news stands.  Click here to see what Meg had to say.
2. Meg and I ran a Social Graces wedding rehearsal together.
3. Later Friday night, Jarrod and I went out to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  We had a giftcard to Harunos which we loved and a giftcard to Mudhouse for dessert and coffee.  Then on our way home we stopped for a redbox since Z was with Jarrod's parents all night.  It was a good night, he let me pick the redbox and we spent a total of $4.38. :).
4. Saturday, Meg and I put in a full day at the wedding.  It was a Social Graces wedding but still a girl we were both close to in high school.  It was a beautiful wedding and a huge celebration.
5. Sunday morning my wonderful husband made a few pies with me (so we could spend a little time together) because I had 3 showers that day.  2 weddings and a baby.
6.Kylie and Devin's wedding shower. We went to church, dropped Zeda off at her class and I went straight to setting up for the shower.  We used her wedding colors as part of the decor.  I made a fabric banner and used fresh flowers.  Once things were decorated and church was over we headed home so Jarrod could put Z down and I could grab my pies and head out for my next shower.
7. Cheri and Adam's wedding shower.  Once I got there, I helped finish the decoration, set the pies up and then we celebrated our little Cher bear.
8. Christy's baby shower.  After Cheri's shower, we went to the new crepe place downtown called The Aviary Cafe.  It is so lovely inside, Meg and I got there first and decided every Social Graces meeting should be there. :)  Christy is due Aug 2 with a her sweet baby girl.  I am so excited to see this baby.  Christy looks GREAT, she looks about 4 months pregnant with a tiny little bump.  She has definitely handle pregnancy well.

What a busy but super fun weekend.  I can't wait for more celebrations!

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