Monday, August 17, 2009

Auntie Megan

My Best Friend Megan has picked up a new love...her camera. She just started getting into photography this year and discovered a natural talent. Megan has always been naturally good at just about anything but what sets Megan apart from all the other "naturally talented" people is that she has a drive that blows everyone else out of the water.

For example...Megan's attempt at STARTING to take pictures came from a New Years resolution, see her blog post she wrote on Jan. 8th She got a camera for her Birthday in Feb., see her post Starting Out and by July has already been hired as a second shooter for a wedding photographer in Alabama. See her post about her first wedding, Wedding: Lindsey & Scott She's been taking pictures like crazy to get some practice. She has already had many clients and will continue to do an amazing job. By August she's started a business and has built a website. megwhitephotography Wow...she's amazing.

I realize the audience who reads my blog does not live in Alabama so here is my attempt to get Megan home for a week or weekend depending on the interest. If there is enough people in the Springfield area who book Meg during a certain week/weekend that she is available to makes coming home worth the trip! Right Megan? Check out some of her work here...she's good, really good!

Email or if you'd like to have Megan take your pictures. As you can see on her Website meganwhitephotography she can take pictures of anything whether it's family, couples or name it she can do it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

5 Generations

Here is a picture that we will treasure forever. Zeda got to meet her great GREAT grandma, Grandma Ford.

This isn't something that happens to everyone. Some children don't even have the chance to meet their grandparents. I never had the chance to meet my grandpa, he passed away before I was born.

For Zeda, she is lucky to meet all four grandparents, all four great grandmas, one great grandpa and one great great grandma. She is very loved by all of them...What a lucky girl.

In the picture is Zeda, Jarrod, Jarrod's mom (Sherri), Sherri's mom (Nana) and Nana's mom (Gandma Ford)
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Where is my happy baby????

I think today I will catch up on some blogs...I've had Zeda all over the place this week and I think it's catching up with her. She has been cranky the past couple of days and it makes me sad. I'm going to stay in and let her sleep the day away. My little cousin Alex was here this week and we went to Branson twice, Rolla yesterday along with a number of activities throughout the week. Including her first movie! She is so tired! We are going back to Branson tonight so I want to be home as long as I can today.

So...she's sleeping while I am editing pictures.

Zeda and her Boyz!

Here is a picture of my best friend's boys. We had a play date in Rolla yesterday and took some really cute pictures. I just love this one of Zeda holding on to both the boys...oh no, her teens years wont be fun!

More to come on our wonderful visit!

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