Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30? Really 30?

Jarrod is 30 today. I can't believe it. I spent his entire 20's with him, crazy. I wanted to do something special for his birthday and celebrate with all of our friends but Jarrod had something else in mind.

You'd think being married to me, I would just throw a party, right, why not?  That is actually the last thing Jarrod wanted for his birthday.

So, what does the husband of a party planner ask for for his birthday?

A week of nothing.

That's right folks, Jarrod said all he wanted was a week at home every evenings. Ha. You'd think that would be easy but it's not. We ALMOST accomplished it. Monday night we were in St. Louis at a ball game with his boss and tonight we are going to dinner with his family. He's a sucker :). Being home Tuesday and Thursday night will just have to do.

Well, old man, I can't wait to spend the next 30 years with you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Eureka Springs

Jarrod and I spent our anniversary weekend at his brother's wedding so this past weekend we took the opportunity to get away. Life has been beyond crazy so the weekend to just enjoy each other was amazing. We took the little guy with us and pretty much just relaxed. We've never stayed in Eureka Springs together and I'm not sure why. It was so cute and the food was excellent.
This was our super cute house.  It has three bedrooms, an awesome kitchen plus two separate one room houses.  66 Center Steet is a perfect place to stay.  It's close enough to down town to walk but far enough away to get peace and privacy.
Our sling was a lifesaver.  We had him in there 80% of the time.  Eureka Springs isn't a place for strollers, there are WAY too many hills and tiny little shops.
This little guy was perfect!  He slept through the night and was super chill.  He just went with the flow and enjoyed himself.  Look how cute he is. :)

Now for a look at the trip through instagram.
Friday we spent 1-4 with our builder picking out stuff for our new home.  One thing we for sure landed on was the brick color.  Old Town is the winner, for those of you who know your bricks ;)
Our cute place again
A super sweet but yummy dessert on Friday night from Peace Love and Cheesecake
This is pretty much the scene you see all over town
One of many positions we had Ezra in that sling.  He was a big fan of this position.  However, Jarrod didn't like everyone talking to his back and an old lady kept touching his butt as she was grabbing E's feet.
Jarrod reading Dracula on our front porch as E people watched.
One amazing restaurant... Local Flavor.  It was late but he was a trooper. 
Another great restaurant.  Garden Bistro.  This is their strawberry lavandar soup.  It tasted like melted ice cream.  Their bread was so good I asked if I could buy a loaf.  They pretty much said no, boo.  

We had such a good time, we will for sure be visiting again.  Happy 6th anniversary baby cakes.  Can't wait to travel with you again.