Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas

Zeda's first Christmas was everything I expected it to be. It was wonderful but overwhelming. I love that both our families live close, however it makes for some crazy holidays. We spend about three days going back and forth back and forth. Jarrod and I have always done our best to make it to "everything" even if it's only for a little while. Now that we have Zeda we try even harder so everyone gets to see her. Zeda is one spoiled girl. She didn't need much before Christmas and now she really doesn't need much. With that said, she is loving her new learning toys and totally rockin' her new clothes. Above are some of my favorite pictures from this Christmas.
You can see all the gifts that surrounded her so Jarrod and I decided to make it pretty low key at home. You can tell her Christmas at home because we only got her a few things (she still love us though). We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have our families. They love Zeda and are just so good to us. I can't wait to see her open gifts next year! She pretty much just ate bows and paper this year but it was still fun. The only bad thing is that she all of a sudden turned into quite the mommy's girl over the holiday. I have loved the fact that she will go to anyone at anytime and be perfectly content. Now she wants me...all the time. Maybe when work starts back up next week things will be back to normal. Oh we go. Happy New Years everyone!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet Little Girls

My sister just found out that she is having a GIRL!!!! I am beyond excited. Definitely more excited than she is. She has one little boy named Jeremiah who is three. She thought number two was a boy and wanted number two to be a boy but I knew it was a little girl! I knew it! A couple weeks ago she was talking about not wanting a girl because they are full of drama and are mean to their moms. I say to that...boys are crazy and destroy everything plus they are just gross. If anyone has seen Jeremiah throw a fit you know he is just as dramatic as a little girl but you also know that he's still super cute!
What's wrong with having a little girl? All my friends who are pregnant want a boy-am I missing something? Jarrod and I both wanted a girl and I want another one someday.
Well sister the damage is done and it's a girl! Her and Zeda will almost be exactly one year apart. She's due May 30th and Z's birthday is June 8. At least she will be a cheep baby...well at first. She can have all of Zeda's clothes since the seasons match perfectly! Yay for girls!!! Just to prove how sweet little girls is a picture of Z baby being her sweet little self.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pink Christmas Tree

Here is Zeda baby with her pink Christmas tree. My parents had it up in her room when we returned from St. Louis. Ha. There's lots of pictures to come so I will post more later. Here is just a little taste of Zeda's First Christmas.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jey's Birthday Party

Jey with his Dinosaur cake

Zeda sittin' pretty in the firetruck

All the kids at the party

I can't believe that Jeremiah is 3. He is one of the sweetest little boy you could ever meet. He's crazy, loud, and lovable all at the same time. He's going through the phase where he wants nothing to do with me (hence the lack of pictures of him) or Zeda for that matter but he sure loves his uncle Jarrod. Jarrod can get him laughing and screaming in a matter of seconds. We just love our little Jeremiah.

My sister had his 3rd Birthday party at the fire station. Everyone got a tour of the station and got to climb on the trucks. Zeda was somewhat impressed, however, she loved the balloons more than anything.
Happy Birthday Jey!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scott and Lindsey

Zeda with Scott and Lindsey

I know it's blury but it's still really cute of Scott and Andy with Zeda

She loves Andy

This past weekend we spent time in St. Louis. We had a blast. Zeda was super worn out but she did pretty good. Not too fussy. We originally were going to StL for my birthday because I wanted to go to Trader Joe's but Scott and Lindsey were having a housewarming party the same weekend so we decided to spend our time with them as well. I absolutely LOVE spending time with those two. Scott is one of Jarrod's best friends from grade school. They were room-mates in college and have just stayed close ever since. Scott met Lindsey at MU and these two are perfect for each other. I can't explain it but they just take being in love to a whole new level. They aren't the traditional couple. They decided to get married on a whim at the court house one day so they could be together in the Peace Corp (you're not guaranteed to be placed together unless you are married) and they left for Africa about 10 months later. We went to Africa in April of 2007 to visit them. We had an amazing time. When they got back they decided to have an actual wedding and called it a celebration of three years. It was this past July and Zeda's first wedding; she had just turned a month. I took the pictures at the wedding and Jarrod was a groomsmen so Jarrod's mom, Sherri came to be with Zeda for us. It was one of the sweetest most genuine wedding ceremonies I've ever been to. Their love is so real...they make it look easy and so rewarding to be in love. I always feel so happy when I'm with them. It's refreshing.

I love Scott, and while he is a cynical stubborn man, with Lindsey he's so giving and really takes care of her like a husband should. Lindsey is one of my favorite girls. She's hilarious and the most fun to be around. She's from Farmington, Mo which is a super cute small town south of St. Louis. Her Farmington friends (that's what Jarrod calls them) are the best. It's funny because you can totally tell who's from Farmington, there is just something about them. They've all stayed so close and have more fun together than any group of people I've ever seen. It's so fun to watch.

We started Saturday off by going to this super cool cafe for breakfast and then off to the Soulard Market, Trader Joe's, and The World Market. Then we headed back to their place to get ready for the party. Their house is so cool. It's over a hundred years old and has been newly remodeled. It totally fits Scott and Lindsey.

Andy, another one of Jarrod's best friends road up there with us. We all had such a good weekend. It's so fun for me to watch them with Zeda they love her and just dote all over her. She loves it...above are some pictures of them with her.

There are so many reason why I'm thankful for Jarrod and one of them is because I get to have Scott and Lindsey in my world.
I just love those two!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Birthday!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I can't believe I'm 26, I feel I should still be 16. I hung out with some of my high school friends the other night and it was so weird to think we are almost all married, I have a baby and there is another one on the way (Kendall and Todd). We still talk and hang out like we are 16 so whatever...we'll stay young forever :). Anyway, my birthday was great! Jarrod took me to my favorite place to eat for breakfast and then we walked downtown. Zeda was in a really good mood...she was laughing and playing with everything. I love that girl. She makes turning 26 even better. Here are a few pictures from breakfast.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Missouri or Arkansas?

(here is an older post that I forgot to add)

Both! Well...for now :)

Zeda has been quite the football girl. The last two weekend we have spent on the road watching football. 2 weekends ago, Zeda went to her first MU game. Jarrod went to MU for undergrad and is a die hard fan. I remember visiting him in college and going to the games with him and his friends...there's nothing like an MU game especially to a private college girl who has no football team :). That was some of our favorite times while we were dating so what better way to spend some family time than an MU football game! We went up there with our good friends Steve and Danielle Monsanto and spent our Saturday tailgating and watching the game. It was a beautiful day 78 degrees and sunny. Too bad MU lost. I was told it would be a blow out! Oh well...nice day, nice friends, and a fun time had by all.

This past weekend we went down to Arkansas with Jarrod's family. His cousins Josh and Seth go to school at Fayetteville. Josh and his girlfriend Melissa are in Law School there and Seth is doing his undergrad in Engineering. We all went down to see the Razorbacks play and spend some time with the three of them. Melissa got Zeda a Razorback cheerleader outfit and all though Jarrod was a bit hesitant we put her in it and she looked adorable. Since Missouri and Arkansas don't usually play each other Jarrod is fine with her being a fan of both as long as Josh, Seth and Melissa are there. We had such a good time. Melissa's grandma owns a box at the stadium so we were treated to fancy seats, and a nice meal while watching the game. Zeda spent her time playing in the floor and being passed around from person to person. She never gets any attention so she was soaking it up ;) Jarrod and I love watching our families interact with her. She's the first baby in 16 years to come around his family and everyone is just crazy about her. It's so cute to watch a couple of college boys talk to a little baby. She's loved and she knows it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Halloween

Zeda was an MU Cheerleader for her first Halloween (Jarrod would have it no other way). We started the holiday off by going to Jarrod's work on Friday to show her off. Everyone puts candy in their office on Halloween for all the employee's kids to come by. Just because Zeda isn't able to eat candy yet doesn't mean she can't collect some for mom and dad. :) The first year Jarrod was working at sho-me he didn't realize that everyone was supposed the bring candy. A boy can to his office and ask where his candy was and Jarrod said, "Sorry buddy but I don't have any candy" The boy was appalled that he didn't have candy and yelled down the hall the his friends and said, "this guy doesn't have any candy!" Needless to say Jarrod will never again not have candy on his desk at Halloween.

Halloween day was a bit much for Zeda. We stayed Friday night at my parents new Branson house and so Saturday morning Zeda didn't get her 8-noon nap because there was too many people to play with. By the time we got home we rush to get her in her costume and head to Jarrod's parents house for lunch so she could trick or treat there. She got a pumpkin basket and a new outfit from her Mimi and Papa (Jarrod's parents) and went and rang her first bell at her Aunt Kim's house where she got her first cell phone :) (Thanks Kim!) I felt bad because people just wanted to play with her but she was an absolute crab! She was tired and hungry. I fed her and we left around 5pm to head to my sisters house where we usually spend Halloween. This year we decided to also celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday the same night. She feel asleep on the way there and slept through most of the festivities. She missed all the trick or treaters and the sugar high screams but at least she was in a good mood when she finally woke up at 8. Here is a sweet picture of my little cheerleader :)
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

My little pumpkin

Last Friday night we had a family night where we carved pumpkins and played games. We had so much fun with baby Zeda. I cooked dinner, took some pictures, Jarrod carved while I rocked/danced Zeda to sleep to some Roman Street. After a few more pictures, Zeda went to bed for the night. Then Jarrod and I had coffee and pumpkin ice cream and played a mean game of phase 10.

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