Monday, November 16, 2009

Missouri or Arkansas?

(here is an older post that I forgot to add)

Both! Well...for now :)

Zeda has been quite the football girl. The last two weekend we have spent on the road watching football. 2 weekends ago, Zeda went to her first MU game. Jarrod went to MU for undergrad and is a die hard fan. I remember visiting him in college and going to the games with him and his friends...there's nothing like an MU game especially to a private college girl who has no football team :). That was some of our favorite times while we were dating so what better way to spend some family time than an MU football game! We went up there with our good friends Steve and Danielle Monsanto and spent our Saturday tailgating and watching the game. It was a beautiful day 78 degrees and sunny. Too bad MU lost. I was told it would be a blow out! Oh well...nice day, nice friends, and a fun time had by all.

This past weekend we went down to Arkansas with Jarrod's family. His cousins Josh and Seth go to school at Fayetteville. Josh and his girlfriend Melissa are in Law School there and Seth is doing his undergrad in Engineering. We all went down to see the Razorbacks play and spend some time with the three of them. Melissa got Zeda a Razorback cheerleader outfit and all though Jarrod was a bit hesitant we put her in it and she looked adorable. Since Missouri and Arkansas don't usually play each other Jarrod is fine with her being a fan of both as long as Josh, Seth and Melissa are there. We had such a good time. Melissa's grandma owns a box at the stadium so we were treated to fancy seats, and a nice meal while watching the game. Zeda spent her time playing in the floor and being passed around from person to person. She never gets any attention so she was soaking it up ;) Jarrod and I love watching our families interact with her. She's the first baby in 16 years to come around his family and everyone is just crazy about her. It's so cute to watch a couple of college boys talk to a little baby. She's loved and she knows it.

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