Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Hunt

We hid Z's Easter basket this year.  When she finally woke up at 9:15 she went running for it.
 Zeda and Mooze running to find the basket
 She thought it was outside, and it probably would have been if it wasn't raining like crazy
 She found it!
 Ready to dig in!
 Shaking all her eggs

 We let her eat once piece of candy and this is her, "I won" face
Telling us stories about the Easter Bunny

Dying Easter Eggs

On Saturday night, we had friends come over for dinner.  The plan was to have the kids color Easter eggs after we ate.  I guess we were having way too much fun because as soon as they left, I looked at Jarrod and said, "oh no!  We didn't color eggs!"  So even though it was bedtime we got the eggs out and had a little family time coloring eggs.
The plate for the Easter Bunny.  A carrot cup cake and three colored eggs!


It's three minutes until midnight and I almost have all my items marked off. I'm starting my list for tomorrow. My goal: to make our vacation work and worry free. I'm giving Jarrod COMPLETE attention.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

To do list

Here is my to do list today...can I do it? I think I can. I decided before I continue to write more on there, I should probably cross a few off. Here's to a perfect rainy day!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

I really DO work

This post steams from a conversation I had with my brother-in-law last night (Love you Cameron James).  I made a snotty commit to him and he said, "have you ever worked five days a week."  Ha.  Have I ever...yes, Cameron, I have.  Nevermind the fact that chasing a sassy independent toddle around is more work then SOME people's 40 hour job.  I actually DO have a job outside the home.  I realize that most of you just see me talk about Zeda, Jarrod, my friends and family or the food I cook, but, I do work two days a week and it's not with Social Graces.  I work at Fellowship Bible Church, where I've worked for the past 5 years.  Since having Zeda I went from full-time to part-time and even though it's fun work, it's still work.  I still have the annoyances that any other job has.  Some days I hate it but most days I love it.  I know I don't make much, but I'm still contributing something to this family financially and that makes me feel good. 

Now, moving onto my family, my parents know I work hard but they think I'm perpetually at church camp, it's kind of the family joke.  When I went off to college and had to do a week of character camp before I started school, they made the joke that they didn't send me to college they sent me to church camp.  Granted, CofO is a bit different then most schools, ok all schools, but since they lock your car up as a freshman, they have to host things on campus that are entertaining and might look like church camp activities.  However, I DID work hard there, I did work 15 hours on campus and 15-20 hours off campus (after my freshman year) on top of taking 17-18 hours a semester.  Opon graduating, I started at Fellowship planning their fun activities and my parents continued the church camp talk. Ha.  I think I will forever be 12 in their eyes, which is just fine with me!

So folks, just because I have a fun job, doesn't mean I don't work hard.  I do get stressed and overwhelmed from time to time.  It's takes a lot these days but it does happen.  Here are pictures from my last church function.  It was a fish and chips college lunch.  The room looked great but the food was awful!  That one stressed me a bit.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

They're engaged!

I'm so excited I had the chance to be such a big part in Adam's plan.  I AM SO HAPPY for these two.  It was a perfect enagement.  Congrats you too, love you guys.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Big News!!!

Last Monday, Meg and I from Social Graces applied for a gig at 417 Bride.  Knowing it was a long shot, we still wanted to get our name out there.  417 Bride is THE local bridal magazine, and we've been talking about the need to have an ad in there eventually but we needed to do a few more weddings in order to make that happen.  However, much to our surprise we GOT THE JOB!!!  Now, we are responsible for a 20 page spread and our name will FOR SURE be in that magazine.  We are the new freelance stylist for the Summer Bride issue.  Yay!!!  What that means, in a nutshell...we have to style 5 mock weddings, pulling every detail together in 3 weeks!  Our next three weeks will be completely crazy but this opportunity is HUGE for us in soooo many ways. 
One downfall is the shoot will take place while Jarrod and I are on vacation...poor Meg has to do it all by herself.  However, I know she'll do a great job!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Fever

I'm getting a little spring fever in me today.  My calendar is filling up like you wouldn't believe, so I thought I'd better get Zeda's closet ready for the summer now while I still have time.  However, the rest of my house feels very spring"ish" as well.  It looks like spring cleaning has taken place because it kind of has...we had an open house on Sunday so the house is spotless.  Plus, I have a bowl of lemons on my island and some citrus meltaways beside it.  If that doesn't scream spring, I don't know what does.

 Here is the mess of switching out Z's winter clothes for her spring/summer ones.  We unpacked stuff from last summer that still fits, items that our mothers have bought her along with just a few things I bought on sale at the end of the season last year.  I'm still a little bummed this girl has more clothes then I do but I'm at the point I realize I just need to get over it...she will forever have more clothes then I do.  I then packed up everything that doesn't fit and will be taking it to my sister's house for baby Ava tomorrow. 

This is her trying to "help".  She was a trooper letting me play dress up with her.  I needed to see if things still fit.
 Yes, she's a climber, she showed me how she can climb in and out of her bed now.  It was quite impressive.  So I moved the bouncer which is what she was using...hopefully that will stop the madness.