Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Big News!!!

Last Monday, Meg and I from Social Graces applied for a gig at 417 Bride.  Knowing it was a long shot, we still wanted to get our name out there.  417 Bride is THE local bridal magazine, and we've been talking about the need to have an ad in there eventually but we needed to do a few more weddings in order to make that happen.  However, much to our surprise we GOT THE JOB!!!  Now, we are responsible for a 20 page spread and our name will FOR SURE be in that magazine.  We are the new freelance stylist for the Summer Bride issue.  Yay!!!  What that means, in a nutshell...we have to style 5 mock weddings, pulling every detail together in 3 weeks!  Our next three weeks will be completely crazy but this opportunity is HUGE for us in soooo many ways. 
One downfall is the shoot will take place while Jarrod and I are on vacation...poor Meg has to do it all by herself.  However, I know she'll do a great job!  


Amanda said...

that is so awesome becca! :) i'm excited for you guys. i love 417!

LindseyBF said...

Congratulations! What a great opportunity! Let me know when the issue is out so I can try to get my hands on a copy!

Emily Hope said...

Becca, that is absolutely amazing!!! So proud of you!!! I'm quite confident that there's NOTHING you can't do. :) Congrats!