Friday, July 31, 2009

It's My Sister's Fault

She Brings out the Best in Zeda

My sister always says that when Jey (her son) is constipated she has my dad come watch him; it never fails Jey always poops for my dad. Well...I figured out that Sarah is who does it for Zeda. Being the dietitian that she is, Sarah always tells us to eat fiber. I think she is secretly feeding my baby fiber because every time Zeda is at her house she poops, and not just a small amount, she poops like she has never pooped before. Here is a picture of Zeda's first blow out. Her diaper is filled front to back and over flowing from both directions. Sarah was watching her while we were at small group. When Jarrod and I came to pick her up Sarah had just given her a bath it was so messy. She even had to dig in her bellybutton. How in the world it got deep in her belly button is beyond me. That's not all... The first and only time Zeda has pooped while being changed is when Sarah was changing squirted on Sarah's shirt. Also, just today I was at my sister's house, Sarah was holding her and we heard the rumble. "Oh no" Sarah said and sure enough poop came out the top of her diaper.

Zeda will be going to Aunt Sarah's house whenever she is constipated for sure.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Bible Story

Before I got Zeda ready for bed tonight I laid her in the floor so I could read her a story.

The first day we were home from the hospital our pastor, Phillip and his wife stopped by to see us and see Zeda for the first time. They brought us a gift and part of that gift was a beginner's bible. I figured it's never too early to start teaching Zeda about Jesus so I read to her the Creation Story. She was getting so into it that I kept reading. She even giggled a few times so I read all the way to the Tower of Babel. Jarrod came in to take a few pictures because he walked by the room once and thought it was so cute.

I know what we will be doing before bed every night!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zeda's First Bath

Bath Time
Okay, so it's been awhile since we've given Zeda her first but I'm behind on writing about her "firsts" so this week is my attempt to catch up.
Her first bath lasted all of 2 min. She hated it, I mean hated it! We hadn't really heard her cry before this but once she touched the water she let it all out. As much as I hate to hear her cry it is really cute...

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday Jarrod

Saturday, July 25 Jarrod turned 27!
We had such a good day with breakfast at Gailey's downtown (fabulous!!!), helped friends paint their basement, stopped by sonic for happy hour, a redbox for a movie and then home so I could cook dinner. Jarrod just held Zeda all evening while I cooked. It was such a good day. We ended with a movie and birthday cake which I made from scratch (see picture) homemade ice cream and homemade whip cream. Life doesn't get any better! Zeda had such a good day celebrating her daddy's birthday for the first time! Happy Birthday Jarrod!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Month and Three Years

Today marks two large milestones in our life. Zeda is now one month and Becca and I have been married for three years. Both of these on their own are very exciting to me and when I step back and realize what an amazing time this is in my life it just makes me feel really good and blessed with how well my life is going.

I really had every intention to write several more blogs than I have over the last month and give progress on Zeda and her family, but the last month has been quite hectic. Zeda is doing great and she seems like she changes every day. I was able to take the first two weeks after she was born off from work and it was extremely hard to go back at the end. Everyone has to ask how much sleep whe're getting, and I'm very happy to say that Zeda is an exceptionally good baby and good sleeper, so most nights we're only having to get up once or twice throughout the night (knock on wood). The first few days after we got back weren't quite as easy and she was waking up every hour, but now that she has grown accustom to our schedule things are going great. She eats really well and very often and overall just seems to be a very happy, content baby. Both dogs have gotten used to her also, and are pretty much disinterested with her at this point. Best of all, loud noises seem to not phase her at all when she's sleeping, so a 115lb dog barking or a loud boom from a firework only results in a slight flinch and then continued sleep. We've really got a great baby.

Three years ago today, a baby was probably the last thing on my mind and definately was on Becca's. Becca was frantically rushing around and I, as ussual, was somewhat less frantic, even though I probably should have been more. It just really doesn't seem that long ago, but I couldn't have asked for a better three years. Through everything Becca has been such a great wife and I seem to fall in love with her more every day. And now with Zeda around, it becomes crystal clear why I married her in the first place. She's a perfect mother and it always amazes me how much love she can have for her little girl. I know the next three years will be completely different from the previous ones, but I couldn't be more excited for them and to have the opportunity to see our family grow.