Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Bible Story

Before I got Zeda ready for bed tonight I laid her in the floor so I could read her a story.

The first day we were home from the hospital our pastor, Phillip and his wife stopped by to see us and see Zeda for the first time. They brought us a gift and part of that gift was a beginner's bible. I figured it's never too early to start teaching Zeda about Jesus so I read to her the Creation Story. She was getting so into it that I kept reading. She even giggled a few times so I read all the way to the Tower of Babel. Jarrod came in to take a few pictures because he walked by the room once and thought it was so cute.

I know what we will be doing before bed every night!
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sarahmurray2000 said...

So sweet. :-)
I pray every night that God gives her a strong, intense desire to follow Jesus. And the Bible tells us He will give us the desires of our heart so I'll just sit back and see what God has in store for our little Zeda Lyn. :-)