Friday, July 31, 2009

It's My Sister's Fault

She Brings out the Best in Zeda

My sister always says that when Jey (her son) is constipated she has my dad come watch him; it never fails Jey always poops for my dad. Well...I figured out that Sarah is who does it for Zeda. Being the dietitian that she is, Sarah always tells us to eat fiber. I think she is secretly feeding my baby fiber because every time Zeda is at her house she poops, and not just a small amount, she poops like she has never pooped before. Here is a picture of Zeda's first blow out. Her diaper is filled front to back and over flowing from both directions. Sarah was watching her while we were at small group. When Jarrod and I came to pick her up Sarah had just given her a bath it was so messy. She even had to dig in her bellybutton. How in the world it got deep in her belly button is beyond me. That's not all... The first and only time Zeda has pooped while being changed is when Sarah was changing squirted on Sarah's shirt. Also, just today I was at my sister's house, Sarah was holding her and we heard the rumble. "Oh no" Sarah said and sure enough poop came out the top of her diaper.

Zeda will be going to Aunt Sarah's house whenever she is constipated for sure.

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Camille said...

THIS IS HYSTERICAL! As gross, annoying and staining as poop is...ugh...the blow outs! They will subside...some day! I bet she's a happier baby! :)

Emily Hope said...

oh. my. gosh. "blow-outs?!" i'll have so much to learn about being a mom when the time comes. haha. sounds like you're handling the gross parts that come along with it splendidly! thanks for sharing. :)

ambychappy said...

Okay, I'm the mother of 3 and I've never seen such a huge poop mess. WOW! Go Zeda! I have seen my share of "blow-outs" but this one takes the cake.

sarahmurray2000 said...

To Emily: BECCA is not handling the gross blow-outs. AUNT SARAH is currently dealing with the gross blow-outs! :-)

I was thinking about this blog post this weekend and am actually a little embarrassed...why does she always do this with me? hmmm....????