Friday, April 24, 2009

She's Gonna Be A Soccer Player

I'm sure some of you are wondering if Becca and I are still having a baby because it's been so long since I've posted on her progress. So here's a combination of a post I had wanted to publish a while ago along with some up to date information on how everything is going.

Becca's about 33 weeks along now and back around 20 weeks she got to start feeling the baby kicking inside of her. At first she wasn't quite sure if what she was feeling was the baby or not, but as the jabs became more frequent she realized that she could actually feel the little human growing inside of her. Unfortunately for me, it took a couple more weeks before the gut feeling she was getting could actually be felt from the outside. Even once Becca started feeling the kicks with her hands I wasn't so lucky with my timing to get to feel her too. On a regular basis Becca would call me over to feel her belly only to have me sit there waiting anxiously with no feedback. I'm sure our little girl is going to be a stubborn one so there's no way she was going to make it that easy on me.

Then one day while we were laying on the couch, Becca once again grabbed my hand and placed it on her stomach. However, unlike previous times, I felt an ever so slight thump when I pressed down. It's a pretty surreal moment when you get to feel that bump for the first time and actually realize that your baby is moving around inside. It's a very hard idea for me to wrap my mind around. I sat there that night and got to feel the occasional kick as our girl rolled around in Becca's tummy and it was a really great experience.

Since then the kicks have become more frequent and much more forceful. Within just a few more weeks I went from being lucky if I got to feel her during any given day, to feeling her on an hourly basis. The light thumps that could have easily been mistaken for Becca's pulse have become thrusts and waves as the baby's whole body rolls along Becca's stomach. Becca feels here all the time now and I can just about feel her anytime I want. In the last couple of weeks I've gotten to not only feel kicks, but entire body parts by gently pressing on Becca's tummy from top to bottom and making out the form of our little girl. Actually the kicks have become so forceful lately, that Becca regularly says she feels like her ribs are bruised from the party going on inside. It's a very strange and fun experience and has gotten us very excited.