Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday Jarrod

Saturday, July 25 Jarrod turned 27!
We had such a good day with breakfast at Gailey's downtown (fabulous!!!), helped friends paint their basement, stopped by sonic for happy hour, a redbox for a movie and then home so I could cook dinner. Jarrod just held Zeda all evening while I cooked. It was such a good day. We ended with a movie and birthday cake which I made from scratch (see picture) homemade ice cream and homemade whip cream. Life doesn't get any better! Zeda had such a good day celebrating her daddy's birthday for the first time! Happy Birthday Jarrod!

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Megan said...

the cake looks awesome.
love you guys!

kris said...

Can I give a shout-out for the Happening shirt?