Monday, April 18, 2011

I really DO work

This post steams from a conversation I had with my brother-in-law last night (Love you Cameron James).  I made a snotty commit to him and he said, "have you ever worked five days a week."  Ha.  Have I ever...yes, Cameron, I have.  Nevermind the fact that chasing a sassy independent toddle around is more work then SOME people's 40 hour job.  I actually DO have a job outside the home.  I realize that most of you just see me talk about Zeda, Jarrod, my friends and family or the food I cook, but, I do work two days a week and it's not with Social Graces.  I work at Fellowship Bible Church, where I've worked for the past 5 years.  Since having Zeda I went from full-time to part-time and even though it's fun work, it's still work.  I still have the annoyances that any other job has.  Some days I hate it but most days I love it.  I know I don't make much, but I'm still contributing something to this family financially and that makes me feel good. 

Now, moving onto my family, my parents know I work hard but they think I'm perpetually at church camp, it's kind of the family joke.  When I went off to college and had to do a week of character camp before I started school, they made the joke that they didn't send me to college they sent me to church camp.  Granted, CofO is a bit different then most schools, ok all schools, but since they lock your car up as a freshman, they have to host things on campus that are entertaining and might look like church camp activities.  However, I DID work hard there, I did work 15 hours on campus and 15-20 hours off campus (after my freshman year) on top of taking 17-18 hours a semester.  Opon graduating, I started at Fellowship planning their fun activities and my parents continued the church camp talk. Ha.  I think I will forever be 12 in their eyes, which is just fine with me!

So folks, just because I have a fun job, doesn't mean I don't work hard.  I do get stressed and overwhelmed from time to time.  It's takes a lot these days but it does happen.  Here are pictures from my last church function.  It was a fish and chips college lunch.  The room looked great but the food was awful!  That one stressed me a bit.

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