Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Halloween

Zeda was an MU Cheerleader for her first Halloween (Jarrod would have it no other way). We started the holiday off by going to Jarrod's work on Friday to show her off. Everyone puts candy in their office on Halloween for all the employee's kids to come by. Just because Zeda isn't able to eat candy yet doesn't mean she can't collect some for mom and dad. :) The first year Jarrod was working at sho-me he didn't realize that everyone was supposed the bring candy. A boy can to his office and ask where his candy was and Jarrod said, "Sorry buddy but I don't have any candy" The boy was appalled that he didn't have candy and yelled down the hall the his friends and said, "this guy doesn't have any candy!" Needless to say Jarrod will never again not have candy on his desk at Halloween.

Halloween day was a bit much for Zeda. We stayed Friday night at my parents new Branson house and so Saturday morning Zeda didn't get her 8-noon nap because there was too many people to play with. By the time we got home we rush to get her in her costume and head to Jarrod's parents house for lunch so she could trick or treat there. She got a pumpkin basket and a new outfit from her Mimi and Papa (Jarrod's parents) and went and rang her first bell at her Aunt Kim's house where she got her first cell phone :) (Thanks Kim!) I felt bad because people just wanted to play with her but she was an absolute crab! She was tired and hungry. I fed her and we left around 5pm to head to my sisters house where we usually spend Halloween. This year we decided to also celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday the same night. She feel asleep on the way there and slept through most of the festivities. She missed all the trick or treaters and the sugar high screams but at least she was in a good mood when she finally woke up at 8. Here is a sweet picture of my little cheerleader :)
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Camille said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! How CUTE is she in her outfit?!!

Just reading her halloween day schedule made me tired and crabby too! :)

How fun! Just wait until she discovers candy... you will try your hardest to not allow it, but someone along the way will 'share'. I don't give Aub candy, but she gets to pick candy out of the 'treasure box' at Joyland....now all she wants are BLUE SUCKERS! The ugliest and messiest! :(