Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet Little Girls

My sister just found out that she is having a GIRL!!!! I am beyond excited. Definitely more excited than she is. She has one little boy named Jeremiah who is three. She thought number two was a boy and wanted number two to be a boy but I knew it was a little girl! I knew it! A couple weeks ago she was talking about not wanting a girl because they are full of drama and are mean to their moms. I say to that...boys are crazy and destroy everything plus they are just gross. If anyone has seen Jeremiah throw a fit you know he is just as dramatic as a little girl but you also know that he's still super cute!
What's wrong with having a little girl? All my friends who are pregnant want a boy-am I missing something? Jarrod and I both wanted a girl and I want another one someday.
Well sister the damage is done and it's a girl! Her and Zeda will almost be exactly one year apart. She's due May 30th and Z's birthday is June 8. At least she will be a cheep baby...well at first. She can have all of Zeda's clothes since the seasons match perfectly! Yay for girls!!! Just to prove how sweet little girls is a picture of Z baby being her sweet little self.
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