Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jey's Birthday Party

Jey with his Dinosaur cake

Zeda sittin' pretty in the firetruck

All the kids at the party

I can't believe that Jeremiah is 3. He is one of the sweetest little boy you could ever meet. He's crazy, loud, and lovable all at the same time. He's going through the phase where he wants nothing to do with me (hence the lack of pictures of him) or Zeda for that matter but he sure loves his uncle Jarrod. Jarrod can get him laughing and screaming in a matter of seconds. We just love our little Jeremiah.

My sister had his 3rd Birthday party at the fire station. Everyone got a tour of the station and got to climb on the trucks. Zeda was somewhat impressed, however, she loved the balloons more than anything.
Happy Birthday Jey!

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Emily Hope said...

oh my goodness, that last picture with zeda and the balloon is the absolute cutest photo i've seen in quite a while. ADORABLE, becca. simply adorable. :)