Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Part 11: Swimming with sharks

If we ever go somewhere with water, I'll be sure to know that Jarrod will dive.  He loves it and I support that.  I just wont go along.  Ha. This was the first time I got to ride in the boat with him.  I didn't realize I'd be the ONLY one in the boat while they were down there but I was.  The guy left me a loaf of bread the feed the fish so I could be entertained.  When I started to feed the fish I had the attention of many birds.  I started to get freaked out so I stopped but then the birds all lined up and waited for me to feed them. So, why not?  Those birds had me laughing so hard that I felt a bit stupid all by myself.  They were hilarious lining up then catching the bread as I threw it.  Sounds stupid I know, but really, you would laugh too.  While I was playing with the birds, Jarrod was playing with these guys.  Do you see those sharks?  Yeah, I was pretty sure I was coming home alone.  The guy told us he'd never seen a shark bit in the 20 years he'd taken people to this spot.  My response, "There's a first for everything."  Luckily my husband made it out alive and was able to see some pretty cool stuff.

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