Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation Part 4: Charleston

We've heard from many people that Charleston is a wonderful town to visit.  While, we did have fun there, it wasn't our favorite place.  I think under different circumstances we would have loved it but we still just couldn't move from our hike.
The morning after the hike we left for Charleston.  Once we settled into our room and took the first shower we'd had in two days, we decided to hop on the trolley and hit the town.  We only had one night there so we wanted to make the most of it.  The trolley dropped us off downtown and we began to walk.  A bit miserable, we decided to eat at the first restaurant we saw that we'd heard about:  Hyman's Seafood.  It was really good.  The table they put us at sat right in front of a naked mermaid, and of course, I'm the one that had to face it.  I couldn't stop staring.  Anytime Jarrod would start a conversation with me, I just laughed.  This mermaid was right behind his head and it was hilarious.  Jarrod said I acted like a 12 year old boy since I took a picture and sent it to my family.  Jarrod said, "There are little boys walking and not making a big deal of it like you are." Hahaha.  Really, I couldn't look away.  After dinner we decided to walk a little bit before we went back to the trolley pick up.  Once we were ready and waiting for a trolley, we realized it was Sunday and the trolley ending hours ago.  No problem, we'd call a cab. After waiting over 2 1/2 hours, we were DONE with the city.  We could have walked the 5 or so miles to the hotel but everyone kept telling us the area of town we'd have to walk through was too iffy and we probably shouldn't, plus I was awesome and wore heels when I was already in so much pain.  After we finally got to the room, we drank a bottle of wine and went to sleep.  Oh Charleston, we'll give you another try someday.

 The next morning after breakfast we left early for the cruise ship.

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