Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chinese Mexican Burrito

During our weekend in Branson, Jarrod and I ate dinner at the cutest place in Forsyth, Chinese Mexican Burrito. It's interest, that's for sure, but really really fun.

Yes, our eyes were bigger then our bellys.  We ordered this blackberry margrita to share.  It was HUGE.  We didn't take into consideration that we were heading to SDC for their midnight madness after we ate.  Since we didn't have Zeda, we were going to ride roller coaster after roller coaster. Ha. 
Also, take note that our appetizers were both chips and salsa and hot and sour soup.  I will say, the chips were the best chips I've ever had.  Made fresh there everyday.
The decor consisted of Chinese lanterns and sombreros.

I ordered sesame chicken...
Jarrod ordered the crazy burrito: A mexican burrito covered with sweet and sour on one side and cashew on the other, an interesting taste to say the least.
It took forever to drink that thing.
We were happy when we left...let the coaster riding begin.

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Emily Hope said...

I'm so impressed that you ate somewhere that served Chinese AND Mexican. That's quite the combination...I don't think I would've been so brave. :) Also...that drink looked delicious.