Monday, June 13, 2011

Zeda's Party

Yesterday was Z's second birthday party.  We had a blast and so did the birthday girl.  Today, we have been playing with all her new toys and currently she is taking a nap in her princess tent.  I'm still a bit exhausted but I'm getting the house put back together one step at a time.  Thanks to all who really helped!  I'd like to especially thank Mae Mae for helping set up and for taking pictures (I'll post more when I get them).  I didn't take a single picture all day!
Love you all.  Thank you so much for loving and supporting my little one.  It means a lot to me.


Emily Hope said...

Sounds fun! I'm sure it was a good time. Excited to see photos! Cute family pic. :)

LindseyBF said...

This picture is lovely! You all look FABULOUS! I'm so happy that Miss Zeda -- I guess she's no longer Baby Zeda :-( -- had a fun time. We need to see you all again SOON!!!