Saturday, June 4, 2011

Price matching

I finally did it.  I price matched at Walmart.  Since couponing, I've wanted try price matching to get an even BETTER deal but lets be honest, coupons are hard enough work by itself and then add the juggling of adds?  No thanks.  However, since we've been trying to sell our house, I haven't been couponing much.  Monday morning, I had to run to the store before my girls come over for breakfast.  The night before, I looked at the adds and found a couple of things I needed for what seemed to be less than Walmart's prices.  So, I cycled the items and took my adds to Walmart the next morning.  Turns out, it's quite easy.  Plus, I was surprised with the price difference.
Here are some of the items I bought...
Strawberries - .99 (Walmart's price - 1.88)
Zucchini - .59 lbs (Walmart's price - .79 lbs)
Cantaloupe - .99 (Walmart's price - 1.50)
Watermelon - 2.99 (Walmart's price - 4 something)
Lay's chips (for Zeda's party) - 1.88 (Walmart's price 2.50)
Green bell peppers -.59 (Walmart's price - .99)
Tomatoes - .59lbs (Walmart's price - .99lbs)
Blueberries - 1.88 (Walmart's price 2.49)
I usually only go to Walmart when I don't have coupons but I think I will do the price matching more often.  It really didn't take long at all.
Hope you have a good weekend.

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