Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've decided that Tuesday mornings will be Zeda and Mommy time. Since I've started Social Graces I try to blog and research and answer emails whenever I get a second. I tell Zeda no a LOT and have her go play by herself. This method isn't working for me so well. We made the decision for me to MOSTLY stay at home with Zeda so that we have that quality time together. So when I'm cooking dinner in the evenings and she wants me to hold her, I wont feel bad saying no because we've spent the day together. Since I am still working at the church about 16 hours a week and trying to get Social Graces up and running, I thought it's time to make a schedule for myself. To start, Tuesdays are Zeda's day and I can still work a little during nap time. The harder we play, the longer the nap.  Perfect.

Here is what we did yesterday... (after a short trip to the bank)

Story time at the library.  Of course we couldn't leave without picking out some books to take home
A trip to the Zoo
Chalk time.  She always wants me to draw "our family"
After nap we went to the farm to pick up our CSA
Look at all those yummy veggies!

After dinner we met Nik and Meg for a little photo shoot.  I took pictures of them, you can view them here and she took some of our family for Z's two year pictures.  I'll post those when they are finished!

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