Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We spend Saturday night and Sunday in Joplin with Jarrod's family like we do every Memorial Day weekend. I felt funny going to hang out by the pool while there is still so much to do in that city. However, Jarrod's mom said Sheila (Jarrod's aunt) needed a little pick me up. She's an ER nurse for Freeman Hospital (The hospital that didn't get hit) and was working the night of the tornado. I didn't ask her any questions (not wanting her to relive the night) but I did over hear a few stories and my heart just broke. Today, Danielle from my small group came by work because she had a meeting there. I told her one of the stories and we both started to tear up. It's all so very sad.
On our way out Jarrod asked if I wanted to drive through the city a bit. I was hesitant but decided I wanted to see. It was the same day the President was there doing a Memorial service. We listened to it as we drove. I was proud of him, our country and the city of Joplin.
I took a few pictures as we were driving, I wanted to be as respective as possible so I didn't take pictures of the areas where people were working.
The thing that struck me the most was the randomness of the storm. One side of the street had houses with only windows broken and the other side completely obliterated. There is absolutely no way of knowing where to go. It's all so scary and seeing it close up made it real for me.
 Joplin we continue to keep you in our prayers. Your city will be whole again.

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