Sunday, June 19, 2011

I can't get enough of this stuff

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My new favorite drink.  I've had one almost everyday since Zeda's party last Sunday. So. So. So. good.  Today, my mixture is all gone so I now must move on but I will miss this little concoction.

1/2 Jar - Special mixtures
1/2 Jar - Sprite
1 shot - gin

Special mixtures - Last Sunday was Z's party, to drink I had a mixture of lemonade, frozen strawberries and fresh cut lemons.  After the party, the lemonade was gone leaving me with a TON of fruit.  So I poured a large amount of water in the container and let it sit overnight which created my "special mixture"  It was too stout to just drink as juice so I made other plans for it. 

The sprite was also leftover from the party, therefore, I will not have that in my house either.  Sad day my favorite drink is gone, I guess I will create another. :)

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