Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th!

This year fireworks were fun! Zeda got to do "some" snakes and smoke bombs. We spent the whole weekend with family. Friday night in Branson with my family and Sunday night in Joplin with his. We had a blast. Jarrod's uncle did the website for a firework store which resulted in some killer fireworks. Sadly, Z just couldn't stay up for those and went to bed before the show started. That's ok; I was able to sit back and watch the show with my glass of wine and Jarrod was able the help the other boys blow stuff up. It was a fun weekend. Hope yours was too!


**** said...

What a patriotic cutie!!

Emily Hope said...

You changed the font! MUCH better! I'm going to pretend you did it just for me. ;)

foodierachel said...

Okay that is the most adorable outfit (and little girl) EVER! I love it!