Thursday, July 1, 2010


Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE my droid phone. It has changed my life...ha. I'm really not sure what I did without it. My husband also loves his droid even though he wasn't sure about getting us smart-phones in the first place. He's hooked. So here's the point to my blog...When I get a notification for a message, text, facebook, anything my phone says D-R-O-I-D in a very loud, deep, drawn out manly voice. It's became quite the entertainment around my house and when we're with Sarah and Matt. Jeremiah started to say it randomly and it's hilarious to watch him because he totally gets into it and moves his lips in some crazy ways. Well, the other day my phone said, D-R-O-I-D like it does about 50 times a day and Zeda looked a me and said, B-O-I-D in the same deep drawn out way. It was FREAKING HYSTERICAL. I started laughing so she laughed and then started saying it again and again. She's only one, but she's quite the talker. It blows my mind the things she picked up from just watching. For example, I have a big bottle of lotion with a pump spout on her changing table. The other day, she put her hand under the spout and then proceeded to rub her belly. So cute. So, next time you see my Zeda girl ask her to say D-R-O-I-D.

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Sarah said...

HI-Larious!!! Lololol ...I can't stop thinking about Zeda saying droid. Becca's not just saying she's cute cause it's her kid people, it REALLY is funny!