Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Ice Cream!!!!

Okay, before all you mommas out there judge me for giving my baby ice cream before she's 1 (even though she is 1 in little over a week sniff sniff) look at what is in my wonderful ice cream...ingredients: Bananas. That's right! It looks and feels like smooth, creamy ice cream but all it is is bananas and my girl loves her some bananas. My wonderful friend Rachel has a food blog which I get many ideas from and this is one if them. Check out her banana ice cream post.
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Emily Hope said...

and what, may i ask, is the problem with giving baby real ice cream before she's one? am i missing something? (although the banana treat does look completely delish!!)

Camille said...

I approve of ice cream...bananas or not... before the age of 1. :)Although it is rare for Aub to eat ice cream :)