Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

This weekend was something was busy, very busy but wonderful! Two of my best friends were in town and I got to spent quality time with both. I just love my girls.

Let me give you a run down of the events. Starting with Thursday...

Work all day-booooo. Met Bonnie and my sister and headed downtown to take her belly shots. I was there to watch Jey when he wasn't in the pictures. Then Jarrod and I had a late dinner sweet.

Friday: Breakfast with Bonnie, Sam and the babies. It was good to see Sam-I hadn't seen her in months! Bonnie and I then headed to Nixa for the city-wide garage sale. We got a few good buys but more importantly had lots of fun. We ate a late lunch at Lola's, stopped at the Lot where my next house will be, a few more sales then back to my house. I rushed to get ready because my MEGAN was also in town and we were having dinner at Gastros with Cheri, Lyndsey and Owen. It was's like she never left. We had so much fun and really good food. After dinner we went back to Megan's to get things ready for her soon to be sister in law's bridal shower. I didn't get home till almost midnight...I finished up some wrapping and then off to bed I went.

Saturday: Jarrod had to be at his golf tournament by 7 so I took Zeda to Mimi and Papa's house and got to Megan's by 9. We got right to work (Megan had already been working) and we made that place look so fun and girly, click here for pictures The shower went from 11-1. I met my sister and Jey downtown at Askinosie to make mothers day cupcakes until 3. Jarrod and I went to visit a "green house" to get ideas for our house plans until 4:30. Zeda feel asleep in the car so we went straight to HuHot for dinner. I fed her in the car while Jarrod put our names on the list. Sarah, Matt and Jey met us there because Sarah and I both wanted to go there for our mothers day dinner so we all went together. Jarrod and I had a little shopping to do at the mall after dinner and then we just had to get ice cream on the way home:). Finally we made it home, put Z to bed, watched a LOST (we are almost caught up) and went to bed ourselves.

Sunday: Jarrod made breakfast, then mowed the lawn while I finished up mothers day gifts, we went to Nixa to put flags on the lot. Stopped by Megan's house to say goodbye (man I miss that girl!) then went to Jarrod's parents by 2. We left around 5, shortly after Jarrod's brother told me I was brain washed (more on that later) and went to my parents house for more festivities. We came home, put Z right to sleep and watched our final LOST (we are now caught up).

Needless to say, Zeda slept in till 9 this morning...what a trooper. It was so nice to be at home today...until I remembered I had a dentist appointment. Ugh the dentist. He takes all my money!

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Emily Hope said...

Funny! My mom and Bobby and I went to that "green" house, too! (The one off of 65? In the country? GORGEOUS! I'm sure you did get a few ideas!) And, we went to HuHot on Friday night! It's a wonder we DIDN'T run into each other! Wish we had.... :) Glad you had a fun weekend!!