Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ava Rebecca Murray

She's here! The beautiful Ava Rebecca. I'm so in love with her already. I got to spend the whole morning with her on Tuesday and it was fabulous. She was born Tuesday morning @ 2:32am and we got to see her by 4am. She weighted 7lbs 13oz (one ounce shy of little Jeremiah) When the dr said, "Oh she's good size" I was thinking 9 or 10lbs...7 something is not good size. It's totally small...I would LOVE for my next baby to be 7 something. Why does sister get to have the small babies? Sarah is a champ at giving birth. She was in labor less than 8 hours and pushed 15 min and then a baby! Easy as pie...she's amazing. I'll keep you updated on this little one. Be prepared to see lot of pictures. Her and Zeda are already BFF's

The winner of the Starbucks card is miss Lyndsey Cherry. Congrats Lyndz-it's coming your way :)

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