Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to ME!!!!!!!!

Photo taken by Bonnie

Mothers day was such a good feeling. I love my family and my new (she's still new to me) baby girl. My wonderful husband got Z up and ready to go that morning and then made me breakfast while I fed her. He was so helpful that day but then again...he's helpful everyday so it didn't feel much different. It was a busy day...we went to see our lot in Nixa, stopped by Megan's to pick up stuff and say goodbye (more on Megan later) then to his parents house for the afternoon, my parents house for the evening then our home to go to bed. Highlight of the day: Zeda falling asleep on me at Jarrod's parents house. We had a sweet moment. She was super tired and overwhelmed so we snuck off to the playroom in the basement. With the roaring going on above I sang my sweet girl a song and she went right to sleep on my chest...priceless.

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