Monday, March 26, 2012

Party! The Hunger Games

Yesterday, my awesome friend Danielle threw a "Hunger Games" party. We ate lunch, had dessert, played some archery games and then went to see the movie. Danielle's dad bought her a cookbook with recipes from the actually book that she treated us all to. They were delicious and a perfect start to our Hunger Games preview.
Lamb Stew with Dried Plums
"Groosling" Wings with Capital Orange Glaze
Her cabinets were full with quotes from the book.
Our parachutes party favors, Danielle is so clever. 
The party favors had our tickets, beef sticks and dried fruit (just like Katniss' pack had in the book)!
Steve set up archery games for us to play in the back.  It was pretty entertaining and of course the boys just started shooting at each other instead of the target.
Guess who made this shot???
 Yep, a very proud moment, hitting the pig in the apple.  I'm so Katniss with my side braid.
 And here is my not so proud moment of the day, (I can't believe I'm posting this) after my awesome shot, I feel out of the hammock.  My balance is a bit off at the moment. :)
Alright, it's show time!

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