Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random thoughts from a busy pregnant woman...

I've had a lot to say lately but no energy to write it out so I thought I would write some random thoughts all in one post...

1. I've been up since 4:30am and currently feel great.

2. I have a thousand emails to write today.

3. My feet and hands are 5 times their normal size.  My "big girl" ring that I have worn both pregnancies is now getting too small.  Awesome.

4. The waiter Megan and I had yesterday at Houlihan's was the most awkward I've had yet. Anywhere.

5. Yesterday, 3 different people said to me, "looks like you only have a couple of weeks left"  My answer, "Nope, 5"  Then I got a shocked or surprised look.  Yes, I know I have a very large baby bump.  I can't help it.

6. My mom is in the hospital in Omaha, Nebraska with the h1n1 flu.  She's in a quarantined room and it's a little frustrating that non of us are there with her. Say a little prayer for her.

7. My dad is just as sick but refuses to go to the Dr.  He's home by himself. Safe?  I think not.  Why is that man so stubborn???

8. The last two nights, Z's asthma has been acting up.  Last night Jarrod got up at 4:30 to give her a treatment.  I got up to rock her when he was done at 4:45.  Once I put her back to bed and I crawled in myself, 5 mins later she yelled, "Daddy, I need you to help me out! Daddy, I need you to help me out!"  Jarrod gets back up to help. The emergency...Her princess Bell doll needed her dress back on.  Once he got back in bed, his alarm went off 15 mins later at 5:30.  It's P90x time.  Good morning!  I felt bad, so I got up with him and did laundry, not P90x. :)

9. We now have a lock box on our door since we are on the MLS listing.  Not sure how I feel about the lack of preparation I could now have before a showing.
10. I'm swimming in receipts and yet, I'm still missing 2.

11. Social Graces is working on multiple events and I'm pumped about it.

12. I get to have lunch with my sister today...last min plans!

13. My little man better hang on until at least the 10th.

14. This morning's thought...I should probably get Zeda's Easter basket ready in case he comes early.  Does he need an Easter outfit?  Will I be in the hospital over Easter?

15. When I went to wake Zeda baby up at 8 this morning, I sang my usual song and rubbed her back.  She pops up and asked if I will play soccer ball with her.  Umm...sure.  So we sat in the floor and threw the ball back and fourth for about 5 mins.

16. Even thought I've been awake since 4:30 this morning.  I still rolled into work 30 mins late at 9:30.  What's wrong with me???

17. Heartburn is taking over my life.

18. I need to buy more tums.

19. My brother in law has been plugging himself into the wall in order to ground himself so he can be cleansed of the radiation around him.  No joke.

and finally...

20. I probably kissed and told Zeda girl I loved her 100 times this morning before preschool.  She is just so sweet and I am so so so very thankful that she is my little girl.


Emily Hope said...

So many comments to make about so many of yours...guess that means it's time to schedule a lunch date, huh? ;) Thinking of you!!

BrookeS said...

Wow, girl! A lot going on over there. Praying for a little clarity and peace before Little Man's debut! Love ya!