Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Louis

A couple of weekends ago we spent some much needed time away on a little babymoon/spoil Zeda before the little guy gets here. The plan was to do anything and everything that Z girl wanted but the cool air and my lack of packing stopped us a bit. :)

I will say, for Jarrod and I, this little babymoon was completely different from the last. Oh how kids change everything. :) To read our babymoon with Zeda, click here, here and here.

First stop!  Rolla! Zeda needed a little Lukester time and to release some energy.  It was good to visit with Bonnie and watch the little ones play.  Sorry we missed you Nathan.
Friday morning we headed to the Zoo.  It was supposed to rain in the morning but we decided to chance it anyways.  Good thing we did because the morning was the nicer part of the day.  After lunch the wind was so bad we couldn't take it anymore and had to move onto the next fun spot!
The poor orangutan was freezing too.  It was pretty cute watching him cover himself with the blanket.
Friday afternoon, The Magic House
I needed a break to put my feet up, so Jarrod and Zeda built a castle.
Friday night we ate some great pizza at Dewey's Pizza in Kirkwood.  It was a long wait but so worth it.  Friday night, I was in so much pain from running around all day, I thought I was in labor.  No joke. 

Saturday was a bran new day!  We started the morning off with a quick trip to the arch.  Z...not impressed.  She was cold.  
We ended up getting a few smiles out of her.  Next stop, Benton Park cafe with Scott and Lindsey and then they joined us at the City Museum. 
Zeda became pretty attached to her Lindsey.  For dinner we headed to Fitz for food and floats...yummy.
Now, some random shots of the trip...
Z sleep in a really big girl tired.
There is never a trip to Stl without visiting a Trader Joe's
Our loaded car.
I found a Kaldi's...I miss that coffee shop in Springfield.
It was a great trip!  Now it's time to get things ready for the little Mister!

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LindseyBF said...

We had such a great visit with you guys and were so glad we got to spend the whole day together!! Seeing the picture of you and me in mid-air at the City Museum made me anxious all over again, though! :-) Can't wait to see y'all again soon!!!