Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brandon Update

I know it's been awhile since I last updated you on Brandon.  His ride continues with a lot of emotional ups and downs.
I was able to see him last Sunday on our little baby moon to St. Louis.  He looked great on Sunday, other then the fact that his leg is as skinny as my arm.  I saw him stand up and walk with assistants a few steps.  He was in a rehab center and at that point things were looking as if he might get to go home soon.  He showed me his scars, the tubs coming out of him from everywhere and was in pretty good spirits.  He even patted my belly giving me the look of "'re big".

However, starting that night things took a turn for the worst and a few days later he was sent back to Barns with no end in sight.

Sparing you of everything that has happened in between.  Regina sent an email today saying this has been their worst week yet.

We get a daily email from her with updates and today's was only sent to close friends and family.  Asking us to not post the details on Facebook or other means of communication.

Please pray that Brandon heal, but also remember to pray for his mama.  It's taking a complete tole on her as well.  They both need strength if he is ever going to come home.

This week he has been talking in his sleep and talking senseless while his is awake.  He'll talk to certain people who aren't there or talk to them like they are on the phone, when they aren't.  He's remember things in his state of deliriousness that he shouldn't be remembering and told Regina today he wants to give up.

They are pretty sure it's some of the meds that are making him act this way so they are doing the best they can to figure it out.

However, he's depressed and not willing to move forward at this point.

Say a little extra prayer for Brandon today, please.

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