Monday, April 2, 2012

A Glimpse into Ezra's story

I'm not ready to write everything out.  Ezra's arrival was a bit traumatic for me and I'm still processing the whole thing.

For now, here is a glimpse.

A contraction two ways...

Zeda, with an epidural:
I was sitting there most of the day with Jarrod while friends and family were in and out.  I laughed, ate popsicle after popsicle just having a good ol' time watching the time pass with everyone.  Someone would see on the contraction monitor that I was having one.  "Oh, I am" with a little 1950's housewives smile while taking another lick of my tasty banana treat.

Ezra, with no epidural:
Holy $#!?, I'm having another one!  Everyone watches with agony as the monitor spikes hoping it would quickly come back down.  I'm screaming and making all sorts of noises, my mom and sister are on the verge of crying (Jarrod still not there) with one of them telling me to relax my muscles and the other telling me to breath.  At one point one of them makes a joke and I sternly tell them to shhhh!!!!!!!!!!  As it comes back down, I have a few seconds to apologize to the nurse for being so loud and making sure they know I love Jesus despite what's coming out of my mouth.  Then...there's another.


karly_bob said...

I'm sorry it was traumatic for you, but a beautiful gift came from it :) love you, Becca.

LindseyBF said...

Holy moly. You're a champ, girl!! Can't wait to hear more about Ezra's story -- and meet the precious little guy! Congrats once again to you and your lovely family! :-)