Friday, May 20, 2011

Sorry Babe, I had to do it.

Jarrod makes fun of my driving all the time.  So does my friend Meg.  Let me just say, I'm not the one that smashed my mirror.
We got back into town on Sunday morning and went straight to bed. When Zeda woke up, my parents brought her to us. We played and unpacked all morning so I thought we should go to lunch at Panera and then to the library to check Zeda out some books.

Jarrod was the last to park my car in the garage. He parks as close to the wall as possible to have enough space in the middle to walk and carry stuff. I couldn't get in the passengers door so he needed to pull out. As I was waiting in the drive, I heard the crunch. I assumed he would stop. Nope, he kept coming and was laughing about it. I put my arms up in the "WHAT!" position and he was like, "It was supposed to pop backwards" Once he realized he broke the mirror he wasn't laughing so hard. While we were in the car for 17 hours the day before we talk about being on a spending freeze after vacation. Then he goes and breaks something. Ha. Good Job Babe. I just had to tell everyone :)


Anonymous said...

i always say that you are a great driver :)

Emily Hope said...

Bobby keeps having quite the difficult time getting his massive truck into our garage without hitting his mirror. He's had a couple of close calls; I'm waiting for an incident just like this. This is how we learn, I suppose! :)