Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, we're back and this is what we come home to...

Thursday-Monday we were able to talk to Zeda.  On Friday, she developed a cough and it progressively got worse.  On Sunday night, Sherri said she was going to take Z to the doctor in the morning just to make sure she was okay.  Since we were leaving the next day and wouldn't be able to talk to them until Saturday, I was happy about that decision.  Monday was a bit stressful in general, dealing with work, making sure we had everything packed right, getting on the ship, and then waiting to hear from Sherri.  Asthma isn't what I wanted to hear.  However, Jarrod assured me there is much worse things for the girl to have and we've been pretty luck up to this point.  That's only the second time we've made a doctors appointment for her outside of her normal check ups. could be worse but it did come at a pretty bad time.  Sherri called, explained everything to us, our ships left and we lost cell coverage.  I was like, "Okay, hope everything goes well for the next five days"  Really?  I wont know how my baby is doing until Saturday and it's Monday.  Again, Jarrod being the calm one, assured me again, she's in good hands and he wanted us to still have a good time.  So we did.  On Saturday, when I was able to talk to Z baby she was happy, taking like crazy and so excited for me to see her dinosaur mask.  Luckily, they've only had to do the treatments a couple of times and since we've been home, we haven't had to do it at all.  Sherri said after the first time, Zeda wanted to do it all by herself.  The pictures above are her showing me how to do it.  She said, "Zeza do it."  If you haven't been informed, this girl is extremely independent.  My friend, Emily, wrote about her independence here. Ha.  Okay, off to do more laundry and work on a shower I'm doing this weekend.  I'll talk more about the trip later.

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Rachel said...

Aww, bless her heart! Glad you guys had a great time!