Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Will Bring You Home

Our good friends, Bonnie and Nathan are adopting a baby from Ethiopia.  Adoptions is such a beautiful and wonderful journey as it is an emotional one.  I can't imagine what they are going through as they get closer and closer to having a new baby.  Together, they wrote a song that will completely touch your heart.  It's one they will treasure forever, it is so beautiful and I can't be more happy for them.  Check out their song here.  I will keep you undated on their little one and will post tons of pictures of him/her on my blog when they bring their baby home.

Keep them in your prayers as they continue in this process.  Also, remember to pray for their baby, whether he's born yet or not.  Pray for the mother, the baby's health, their living conditions and for safety. 

Also, please keep my friend, Jenny Lotz and her husband in your prayers as well.  They just went through a VERY speedy adoption and are hanging out in Kentucky waiting for their court date on Tuesday, hoping and praying the birth mom doesn't change her mind.  They are totally in love with their new little man.  You can check out the story of their crazy fast adoption here.

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Bonnie Hall said...

Thanks Becca! You guys are total blessings!