Sunday, November 14, 2010

“A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”

For awhile now, I've been noticing all the fake mustaches that are in blogs I read. Anywhere from, a prop for a photo booth, a bike ride, eteched on items, or tatooed on your finger, mustaches are for sure in. Okay, let me re-pharse that..."fake" mustaches are in. My friends in the good ol' Ozarks think I'm crazy for saying mustaches are "the thing" but it's true and I'll prove it...

Read this interesting blog post about mustaches. Then here is a whole blog soly about mushaches

Now, let me show you a few things...
TOM'S new collection for men has a mustache on the shoes.

Milk's campaign was way ahead of times with their Milk Mustache adds

Here is Design Sponge talking about the tatoos and etechings from 2008 (Yes we are behind here in Missouri)

In May, 2009 this mask was created
Swine Flu is definitely sweeping the nation, but one must be ready to avoid all tragic accident by equiping their self of this great mustache face mask!

Here is the classic, mustache on a stick for pictures, look even women are wearing them.

Mustache cookies


Mustache finger tatoos

(source) (source)

Mustache products

The "mustache made from your own hair" look

Mustache party favors

Mustache crayons
Seriously, the list goes on. So...what is the reason? I don't get it.
I'll leave you with a photo that was taken at a Mustache Ride from my friend Brooke's blog.


BrookeS said...

Haha, nice photo snab. And, yes indeed, the 'stache is IN.

crazymonster231 said...
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