Thursday, November 18, 2010


A couple weeks ago at MOPS, our guest speaker inspired me to change my outlook on a few things. She's a counselor who works with troubled teens. They are taught as workers to first assess how they feel before they even approach the patient. She asks herself and her patients the 5-5-5 rule. How will this make you feel or affect you in 5 min, 5 hours and then 5 years.
A lot of times MY schedule is highest priority...I have a list and it needs to get done. Last week, I was worried nothing was going to get done. I had my sister's babies two of the days I was off (which I love having them) a dinner party with friends, a playdate and countless other things. I get a little overwhelmed when I can't get my house work done but I thought...
playing with the babies...5 min, my house work will be looking at me, 5 hours, we'll be laughing because we're having so much fun and 5 years they will remember Aunt BeBe (That's what Jey calls me) played with me and took me to Hot Donald's (That's what he calls McDonald's). On Friday we had such a great day. After naps, my dad came over to hang out for a bit, we went to Hot Donald's and then the zoo. On Tuesday, I had just Ava and the girls loved taking a nice long walk. Tuesday evening, Jarrod and I had dinner with our friends and played Mexican Train. We laughed so hard and stayed out way too late. All in all, last week was super fun AND very productive. I always say, "You have time for what you make time for." I've been using the 5-5-5 in a lot of ways since her talk and it's been so freeing. It just puts things into prospective when sometimes emotions get the best of you. Here are some cute pics of the babies on our fun day out!

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