Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Turn

My Bestie, Megan from This & That awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger title last week (probably because she has to). Thanks Meg! The rules to getting this little award are as follows: 1) make a short list of things that you might not know about me and 2) to pass the award along to some new bloggers.
Megan highlighted, in her award, on our high school friends. I will be the first to say, I too, read those blogs and love, love them! I think I will highlight on two of my college friends, Bonnie and Brooke.
First, let me explain that the blogging world has become such a huge part of my daily life. I check them almost every morning. I always think of things to blog about (which some get on my blog and some don't) and constantly get inspiration through blogs. Jarrod and I are building a house next summer-I go to blogs for inspiration; I throw a party-I go to blogs for inspiration; and I also go to them for my daily quiet time or if I just want to clear my head. Blogs a great thing and I'm pretty happy to be on this bandwagon.

So, now for something you might not know about me...
5. I like to plan parties but I hate crowds. I've turned into a complete introvert in the last couple of years. I'm an avoider of small talk, conflicts, and parties. Ha. So different than I use to be. However, I fake it pretty good. I force myself to be social and it appears pretty natural (I think, ha).
4. I never give cards. I think it's a complete waste of paper and money. If I give a $10 gift and a $5 card it's a total waste. I would have rather spent $15 on the gift. I usually just grab a scrap piece of paper and write on that for my cards.
3. I hate to cook. I love the idea of cooking, the smell of cooking, the outcome of cooking...but I hate to do it. For some reason, I have a hard time actually being hungry after I cook a big meal or cook for a party so I usually don't eat it. I'm not really even good at it and I hate HATE doing the dishes afterwords. However, again, I force myself to cook because, myself and our budget refuse to eat out very much.
2. I love McDonalds. That's my big secret. Okay, it's out. It's so bad for me and the food isn't really food, but I love it. The fries mainly; I ate them a lot when I was pregnant. It's really the only fast food I like. I think the others sound nasty and I realize they are all the same but there is something about McD's, it's different to me and I love it. Side-note: I don't eat it often, I try to never eat it but every time I see a McD's it makes me smile.
1. I want to be cremated. Ha...a little weird that I'm talking about my death. However, Jarrod and I are working on our Will now that we have a child. I told him I want to be cremated with no funeral, just a little get together (mainly for everyone left) and it can't be cheesy. Ha. Oh! and do NOT make my family stand there and greet people. Whoever thought of that idea is retarded.
Okay, enough about me. Now on to my highlighted blogs.
1. Megan at This and That. She is my best friend and an amazing chick (why wouldn't I choose someone amazing to be my bestie). Her blog is full of inspiration in all areas of life. She does a great job at posting almost everyday, it's definitely worth a daily read.
2. Bonnie at Bonnie Hall Photography. Bonnie was my college roommate. She lives in Rolla with her cute little family. Bonnie is an amazing photographer and loves to share her work. She's such a natural and I love her dearly.
3. Brooke at Brooke's Excerpts & Extracts. Brooke is another close friend of mine. Her and I have been through a lot of deep talks and there for each other through some hard times. Brooke lives LA with her husband while he attends seminary. Brooke is a great writer. She talks about her life in LA and about all the books she reads. It's a great blog to keep tabs on.
4. Finally, I'd like to play by the rules and highlight a new blog. It's brand new-only a few posts. I'm so excited to welcome my best sister ever to the blogging world. Sarah at Say Something Sarah is going to be a MUST read. My sister is so wonderful and has so much wisdom to share. Her blog is going to be entertaining, informative and inspiring. I'm excited to hear what Sarah has to say. She's great and I love her.
Okay, this post was not supposed to be this long. Ha. Hope you have fun exploring my featured blogs!


BrookeS said...

Aww, thanks girl!

Sarah said...

Aww, YOU'RE my best sister. I think I might cry. :-) haha

Bonnie Hall said...

*Blush* You are such a good friend supporter. By the way, loved your little known facts. I would be happy to skip cooking with you and head to McDonald's any day.