Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The morning of Zeda's birthday party we had her baby dedication at church. I know she's one, and we should have done this sooner but I'm really happy we did it on such a special day. She did wonderful and even made the crowd laugh a couple times. I think she really liked Phillip's glasses; she just stared at him with a big cheesy grin on her face.
Phillip did a great job. It was so sweet and sincere. He first let everyone know that He and Zeda have the same blood and that she's family. Ha. He also had our families stand to be recognized. He talked directly to Zeda and held her while he prayed for her and for us as a family. It was a very sweet moment for Jarrod and I.

He said her name is a Greek word that means olive. He talked about how important the olive tree was in the bible. That olive oil was used for healing. He referred to Luke 10:33-34, the story of the Good Samaritan who used olive oil on the victim of the assault to heal his wounds. The oil we read about through Scripture used as medicine was always olive oil. He read a passage from Hosea 14:6 her shoots shall spread out; her beauty shall be like the olive, and her fragrance like Lebanon.
His prayer for Zeda was that her life would be full of beauty and that she would bring healing to everyone around her.
My sweet sweet Zeda girl...oh how we love you.

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