Thursday, June 10, 2010

My baby is a big girl!

As you all know Z turned 1 this week! We've been celebrating all week and it's been SO fun...insane but fun! Jarrod and I have been working on party stuff every night after she goes to bed so that is coming along nicely. Jarrod took the day off on Tuesday (her actual birthday) and we spent the whole day playing and celebrating. Here is what our day looked like...
1. Gailey's for breakfast
2. Nap at home
3. Picnic in the park, then played and walked around the park
4. Painted some pottery with her little foot print
5. First bit of ice cream at Emack and Bolios
6. Nap at home
7. Dinner at Gastros
8. Walked around downtown
9. Sang happy birthday and ate a cupcake before bed.
I'm afraid this girl is going to have a sweet tooth. We haven't really given her sugar at all yet so she is on a sugar high this week. After Sunday she's going back to her bland diet. :)
I'll post more pictures later of our day (once I get them off my camera). The party is Sunday! Can't wait to see everyone.
-Picture above is her in her first present given to her by my good friends Megan and Christy! Love you girls

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Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEDA!!!