Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Zeda Moment

I found this post I wrote back in November but never posted it.  Oh random.

A funny Zeda moment:

I just laid Z down for the night and our conversation was pretty funny.  I wanted to write it down before I forgot.  She was so cute and so serious about it.  Again, I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff.

I was rocking and singing her Slient Night, when I got to the end, "sleep in heavenly peace" is when Z perked up and said, "Jesus is in heaven."
Me: I know, are you going to heaven?
Zeda: I will go to Heaven and hold Jesus.
Me: I think Jesus will hold you.
Zeda: I will gooooo and mommyyyy and daddyyyy will (pause) but Thomas (her imaginary friend) wont.
Me: Why wont Thomas go?
Zeda: He not hold babies.
Me: He doesn't.
Zeda: he just pretend mommy, just pretend, you see?
Me: Yes, I see.  Long pause.  I started to sing another song.
Zeda: My feets are frozen.  You need to sing Jingle Bells.
Me: Well okay...Dashing through the snow....

Fast Forward a few minutes to after laying her down...We were talking to Jesus and thanking him for EVERYONE like we do every night.
Zeda: And Nana and Warry (Larry) and Tuffy (their puppy) and the coocoo clock.
Me: the what?
Zeda: the coocoo clock! then she proceeds to show me what it does and how it says coocoo coocoo with all the people around.

Good night Zeda.

Wow.  She's something else.

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