Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zeda and all her sasssss

I usually just post pictures of my precious little girl smiling or doing something sweet. However, I do want you all to know, it's not always roses in our house. She hit the twos and she hit them hard. Granted, she's still a pretty good, easy going child but sometimes if you say the wrong word or look at her the wrong're going to get it.
I wanted to take a few pictures of this pretty little outfit she got for Christmas so I promised her once she took a few "good" pictures she could go play at the park. As SOON as we stepped out of the car she started yelling at the wind and crying. She doesn't like the wind, what girl does but she wasn't even trying. I put her back in the car, said we were going home because she wasn't calming down and that she could not play. Tears turned off immediately, she said, "I will smile, mommy" and off we went. Now, the wind really was ridiculous that day but we were still able to get a few pictures.
Look at that sad face, it's so rough to be Zeda. 

 Here is the start to the smiles.  The comment, "The longer you don't smile, the longer we are out here" really seems to work.
 And now we are playing peek a boo...oh the little things

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LindseyBF said...

I love Zeda and her sassiness -- and these photos -- and the outfit!!! Oh, I just love it all!!