Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Craziness

I realize Christmas was almost a month ago but things haven't slowed down much around here.  So, better late then never.  I give you our Christmas craziness.  
Santa with all three went better then I expected.
Zeda ready to go see a Christmas Branson show with my parents. 
Mr. Max passing out gifts at our extended family Christmas.
Zeda singing jingle bells for the Scavuzzos 

Starting on Friday, December 23-Monday, December 26 we were on the go.  Let's be honest, Christmas really wears me out and Zeda too.  The last two years she has gotten sick the week after Christmas.  You'd think a good mom would see this and make a few changes.  Yeah, let's see how Christmas goes next year.

Christmas at the Sanders house. 
She has her father's big toe
NawNaw with three very sleepy kids on Christmas Eve.
Miss pretty Ava 
 Grandma B opening a gift but leaving her trash bag handy to pick up the kids wrapping as soon as it landed.
My dad gave my grandma some moonshine in a mason jar for Christmas.  She was a bit too excited to take it to her friends while they play cards. 

Two of my very favorite people enjoying Christmas morning.
Silly little girls

The Murdaugh family Christmas
Shaun and Karly, Jarrod's brother and his soon to be wife.
Never ending episode of unwrapping gifts.

Jarrod's dad always does some fun wrapping for Sherri, which I think is super cute.
Jarrod's other brother, Cameron.  He's boring, he already knows everything he gets before he opens them.
At the extended family shindig, Zeda couldn't keep her hands off Meg.

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