Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brandon Update:

My family went up to see him on Sunday.  I was able to see him three different times throughout the day and each time he looked worse and worse.  However, I was able to get a little response from his eyes when I was itching his head. :)

Update from this morning:
Email from Regina, 
 Brandon is having some further complications show up because of the liver not working.  He, of coure, is in liver and kidney failure, but after last night, they also found that his left side heart ejectin fraction has decreased and he is not pumping blood as well and therefore his oxygen was not staying up.  They had to give him some medicine for that and he did respond.  He had a quiet night until 5:30 this morning, when he went into A-Fib. That's where your heart goes into a funky rhythm.  They treated that with another medicine and he responded well to that.  Brandon needs another liver ASAP to survive.  That's where we're at now.  We have to have another liver, preferably today.  They did have a donor available, but it wasn't a good match for Brandon because it was a much bigger person and would be tough for them to make fit and hook up. 
Brandon is making an impact in people's lives far and wide.  I can't tell you how many thousands and thousands of people have been sending messages to us through all kinds of different channels.  His story has literally gone world wide with people in Africa and Asia praying for him too.  On a different note, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife sent a twitter message that they are praying for Brandon.   Many, many churches, prayer chains, prayer warriors, small groups are constantly praying.  The racing community is also praying starting with Frank Stark from Raceway Ministries out of Strafford, MO, clear to Australia, where Jeremy Payne is racing now.
Also, we are so thankful for all the people who are willing to give blood in Brandon's name.  Yesterday, my nephew, Lane Brewer, came up to see Brandon and then headed over to the Center For Advanced Medicine to give platelets.  The Red Cross was running out of platelets and since Lane is B+, it's very possible that Brandon will get his own cousin's platelets.  Thank you Lane.  Also, Reliable Imports and RVs has set up a blood drive at their lot and already have 20 employees who are going to donate blood.  They may be setting up a second bus so that others can donate there too.  Anyone can go to the Red Cross at Battlefield and Jefferson and give blood there, too.  Also, tomorrow from 10-3, there is a blood drive at Missouri Career Centers on S Glenstone in the shopping center just south of Bennett.  Brandon has needed over 150 units of blood so far, probably 50 or more bags of plasma, and several bags of platelets.  He will need many, many more bags of blood during the next transplant.  It's unbelievable how much blood it takes and especially for just one person.  Imagine how many people have given blood to keep Brandon alive.  That's rather mind-boggling.  If you can give, please give.  Your donation really does save lives.
This Saturday is the Racer's Reunion (my dad is the president) and we are helping him work.  Regina and Brandon are always there helping as well so we are down a few workers.  However, I think Red Cross will be there if you would like to donate.
Email from my mom:
We are working with the American Red Cross to set up a blood drive this Saturday at the Racing Reunion. They are looking at 1-7pm. What I need to do is have 20 committments from donors so they will have a successful draw. If you could respond to me on facebook or you can private message me as well. (Or Email) If there is anyone who could give or ask their friends and family. They will set up the van outside the building so if you aren't planning on going to the event at the fairgrounds you can still show up to give. Thanks Friends.

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