Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Run Down: November 4-6

The Murdaughs had a super fun weekend, I never remember to blog about the weekends so hopefully I can start an occausional run down...
November 4-6
Friday night started with a family photo session I took of this sweet family.  We had fun.  The girls were spunky and baby Zach was awesome.
Then I met back up with Jarrod and Z at the Cherry's house for our monthly Mexican Train night with the Whites and Gartons.  Lyndsey made some mean Chicken Tortilla Soup from the Pioneer Woman's website.  Earlier that day when I took Z to the Library she picked out a "movie" for her and Owen to watch while the adults played our game.  The two of them playing is pretty stinkin' cute these days. 
Saturday morning started off with Jarrod and Z making pancakes for breakfast while I did laundry and packed us all for the rest of the weekend.
After breakfast, Jarrod went outside and raked/mowed the leaves for a couple of hours.  When Z and I were ready and all packed up we went to my sister's church for their Fall Festival.  Once Jarrod got there we ate lunch together, let Z play a little longer then parted ways again.  He took Zeda to his parents house to lay her down for a nap and I went to a friend from high school, Ashley's baby shower.  The shower was decorated so cute and it was really good to see some old friends.  Ashley looks great pregnant especially since she is having not one but TWO girls!  Most of the shower, I held my friend, Anna's baby, Case.  He's 13 weeks and such a big boy but that makes him extra adorable.
After the shower, I met Jarrod back at home so we could hit the road to St. Louis.  We were heading up for Scott and Lindsey's wine and cheese party but left a little early so we could have a quiet dinner together, just the two of us.  After many recommendations from friends, we landed on Ernesto's Wine Bar.  Yes, I realize it's silly of us to choose a wine bar when I'm pregnant but the food was really good and I just sniffed Jarrod's glass of Syrah to make myself feel better about not being able to drink. :)
After dinner we arrived at Scott and Lindsey's about 8:30 and ready to relax and have a good time.  The wonderful hostess bought me some sparkling cider which I sipped on the whole night.  We met a lot of their new friends from work and school and still got to see Linsey's Farmington friends that we love so much.  It never fails, the Farmington crowd always has a dance party with some good ol' Girl Talk.  The night ended with Lindsey, Louie (their dog) and myself falling asleep on their couches while Scott and Jarrod had their science, God and religion conversation that comes up every time they've had a few drinks. :)  It's entertaining but COMPLETELY over my head.  I think it was about 3 they woke us up and we all went upstairs to our rooms.  Thank goodness it was daylight saving and we gained an extra hour.
Once we all finally got out of bed we played with Louie then walked to Benton Park Cafe for a late breakfast.  
Then Jarrod and I headed for Springtown after a stop at Trader Joe's and World Market for a little Christmas shopping.  We arrived at his parents house for dinner and to see Z about 5:30.  She had big stories for us about her new "parkly" shoes and the big mouse at Chuck E Cheese.

It was a great weekend and I can't wait until the next.

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LindseyBF said...

Oh, brother. I love how I'm really classin' up the place with my pantyhose hanging out in that one picture. LOL! Thanks so much for documenting the evening -- and for coming! Scott and I were SO glad that you guys made the trip!! Can't wait to get together again soon!