Sunday, November 6, 2011

Benton Park Cafe

The Murdaughs had quite the busy weekend like always.  I think tomorrow I will give you the run down so you can see a normal weekend for us but tonight I want to talk about Jarrod and my favorite place to eat when we visit Scott and Lindsey.  We drove up Saturday afternoon to attend Scott and Lindsey's wine and cheese party and I told Jarrod I didn't mind driving home late after the party was over, since we all know now that I can't have wine.  Then I told him, "If we stay the night, we can have breakfast at the Cafe."  And that my friends, sealed the deal.
Benton Park Cafe is just down the road from their house and it is delicious.  This morning or should I say afternoon was beautiful which made the walk to our favorite spot delightful!  Of course the wait was long so I snuck over to Gus' to have a pretzel stick to tie this pregnant lady over.
 The three of them feeling pretty was a fun night.

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